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Hi, I saw your timberkits on Dragons Den this evening and I wonder if you had considered marketing to schools, local education authorities or educational suppliers? Every year my school has the Year 5 and year 6 children build a project to give them an understanding of cams and levers, they make very dull, identical and rather pointless frames with a core spindle two cams and followers inside. How very much more captivating and engrossing it would be if they could choose and order what model they wanted to build, to enthuse and give a more satisfactory learning outcome.
I hope you find this suggestion helpful.

Hi just saw your products on dragons den! They are all great! Are you able to do a piper playing bagpipes

Timberkits align nicely with the maker movement in education. Your kits empower kids to be creative and teach them important hands-on skills. We tend to jump over the hands-on to the remote controlled a bit too quickly, and I think the tactile aspect of your kits - as well as the possibility for artistic expression, creates an individuality that is important for kids to be fully engaged.

My mission is to introduce our students to hands-on technology, guide the most gifted toward scientific careers, and provide an educational tool that adapts to all students and materials. TimberKits accomplish all three tasks and more.

The Magician. Eureka!, it's completed. I have thoroughly enjoyed constructing this most intriguing - nonetheless still complicated - model. I took my time. Everything has gone together successfully (with some crossed fingers), it is fully operational and I am fascinated and delighted with all that is going on at the turn of the spindle.

My sincere congratulations to the designer on achieving all the working parts, particularly the timing of the closing and opening of the hands. You do not actually see the "magic Wheel" containing the frog, rabbit, apple and teapot turn, they just appear!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Timberkits for all the pleasure and challenge provided by your kits, I would even suggest that The Magician is your best yet (I have now made up seven of your kits) especially because of the final visual effect and all the levers and cams which are achieving them.

- William Yendall, Octogenarian

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