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At 61 and having been bought up, on a diet of Airfix plastic kits, Meccano, Jigsaws, Electric Trains etc, my latest conquest has been your 'Drummer' - a Christmas gift from my daughter! What a delight - and what an amazing finished article! I found the kit most engaging and derived immense pleasure constructing it - It's difficult not to want to operate it everytime you see it. The presentation of the various parts and the instructions were first class - congratulations!

My order for two of your kits arrived a few days ago.(Drummer and Dragon) They are Christmas pressies for grandchildren. Your response to my order was very rapid indeed, and the made up models are absolutely beautiful, works of art really.  A pity I have to gave them away! Thank you very much.

My daughter purchased one of your drummer kits for xmas. I have just had the pleasure of building it and wanted to say thank you. Wonderful packing and instructions.

I've just watched you on Dragons Den and felt compelled to get in contact with you. I absolutely love your product and will be purchasing a dragon later in the year for a Christmas present for my extremely patriotic father. However it would be lovely to have a factory just a journey up the road where we could come along and visit and maybe offer a workshop to help not very practical people, like my father.

Many thanks for your time reading this, and many congratulations and well done on such amazing products.

Just seen you guys on "Dragon's Den"! Love the products and will definitely be buying!!! Love them all!!!
- Co Down

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