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I would like to let you know that I received the replacement parts today for my drummer kit.
 They are perfect! The hole is in a much better position now, and all works as it should.
 Thank you so much for your fantastic response and customer service.
 I look forward to doing many more of your kits.

Harley Davidson-Jones

"We have the Shaun the Sheep kit for this age bracket and my daughter absolutely loves it, we're getting another for a friend, really educational and a brilliant mechanical toy for any child"

Rosabelle Mckay

- New Shaun the Sheep kits

Last night after a long day of site seeing in Salisbury and Stonehenge, I returned to find a box FULL of TIMBERKITS goodness.

Thank you so very much.  I can truthfully and honestly say i have NEVER had a better experience with a company anywhere in the world.

Thank you again.


- Timberkits goodness

Bought a fantastic Pianist last year and am following this up with an easier Monkey and a London scene. Bought these as birthday presents for a academic who needs something challenging but relaxing and hands-on rather than solely brain power. He loves them!!!

I try and get him things that are challenging but that are also very different from the intense studying he does all day. He really enjoyed the pianist - I gambled that it wouldn't be too difficult for him.

I must say that I really think your company is great, fantastic service, quick delivery and the items are lovely. I look forward to seeing your product range grow and grow - some poor designer has got his work cut out trying to think up more designs!

Debbie Skinner

- Challenging but relaxing

The Drummer

Having seen two of the animations in action in a toyshop in Ambleside, I

purchased the drummer kit. Never having made anything like this before it

was an interesting challenge but the end result is wonderful and has amused

my grandchildren, our friends and neighbours. Most ingenious and he really

does beat out his own rhythm! This has now inspired me at the age of 69 to

have a go at making my own animations! The first one has now been completed

and with guidance and instruction from Sarah I am well on the way to making

my second. Many thanks to Timberkits whose well thought out kits and

enthusiasm has given me a new hobby late in my years.

- New hobby

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