Timberkits Tips/Advice Videos

We want your experience of building a Timberkit to be the best it can be so we have compiled a collection of hints and tips to help you and activities to involve you with. We love to share your creations so send us your pictures and videos and have a look at our gallery and social media.

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We are always happy to help over the phone or by email so don’t hesitate to get in contact if you need to and this page provides you with some extra handy hints that you may find useful.

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Helpful Hints

  1. Check all parts in the tray very carefully. Read the instructions and look at all the diagrams. Get a clear idea of how the parts fit together before you start.
  2. Do not glue anything until you are sure you understand how things are assembled. Remember once something is glued together you cannot go back.
  3. Some parts need sanding for a comfortable fit. Put parts together without glue to ensure they fit.
  4. Use the wax candle provided to wax all surfaces that are in contact as they move. Apply by rubbing on the wood then buff up to a high polish using the sandpaper provided. This will prevent squeaks and allow freer movement of the model.
  5. Do not put wax on a surface that is going to be glued as the glue will not stick to a waxed surface.

Painting Hints

  1. You need to think about painting before you glue everything together.
  2. It is easier to paint some parts before glueing but you must be careful not to paint surfaces that will have to be glued as the paint will effect the glue's strength.
  3. You don't have to paint everything. Emphasising some parts with colour can be as effective as painting the whole thing.
  4. If you find it necessary to colour any parts that move against one another then use felt tip pens and not paints. The slightest amount of paint around joints can prevent the model from working.
  5. We suggest the use of acrylic paints.

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