The Educational Workshop Kits

Timbertech Cams. A complete box of Timberkits parts for individual design and experimentation. Contains components for 10 models with a choice of 3 different cam and wheel mechanisms for children to design and build their own object to bring to life.

Please view the video on this page to understand the scope of the product and see how it can help you in a classroom or group activity situation. There is also a quirky little animation on each main page of the site showing some fun ideas to inspire you.

There is also Timbertech Cams for 4 learners. This kit could form a great holiday, family or home school project and includes the worksheets linked below to help you get started.

Coming soon! Timbertech Linkages. Again, a set of components for 10 models with  a choice of 5 different linkage arrangements for children to design their own monsters to bring to life. Available early in 2018.

Scroll down for the gallery of workshop images where you can see Timbertech in action with some very colourful model making by children having far too much fun.




Here are a few samples of models made with the components in the Timbertech Cams kit (wooden parts only). The possibilities are endless, you can experiment with all sorts of different materials and found objects and create a fabulous collection of characters and critters!


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