What our customers say

As a parent I am great fan of Timberkits. They are excellent
quality and provide manageable challenge for children.
My son is huge fan of the kits and, well, I'll let him tell you what he

"The timberkits I have made so far are the catapult, biplane and pianist. I am
working on the biplane. So far my favroute is the biplane. I liked it
because it was more complex than the others. But the others were great fun!
I am looking forward to doing more in the future."

We would always be keen to seen new designs and ranges.
Well done, Timberkits.

Time Welsh and son Gregory, 8yrs old

- 8yr old tackles the Bi-Plane!

Golly, that was such FUN! I'm pleased to bits with my pirate

wrangling with an octopus! The painting was enjoyable and following the

construction instructions was quite exciting! I added a few embellishments

and encouraged the pirate to dip to his right more often by adding a bunch

of keys to the  hook for a little extra weight.

I'm addicted now ....  monkey next perhaps?

- Addicted now!

Good evening. I won a Timberkits bundle in a funny photo caption competition by Create & Craft TV during their CHA launch. The kits are the Dragon, Kissing Couple, Accordion Player, Rower and Double Bass Player. I had watched a few of your shows on Create & Craft, so I was familiar with what to expect and was delighted to have won such a generous amount of these wonderful kits. This afternoon I finally started constructing my first Timberkit, the Kissing Couple. It took me almost two weeks of just admiring the packaging and watching videos on your website before I finally mustered the courage to begin. This is a totally new adventure for me. I’m 67 years old but never tire of learning new things. I’m not a great one for measuring and cutting and my mechanical skills are suspect, so this kit has solved all that. So far I’ve only gotten through page 4 and as soon as everything is dry, I’ll take a deep breath and move on to the next part. The quality is very good and the fact that everything I need is included is much appreciated. Well, I have just tested the joins, and everything is well and truly set, so I don’t have any excuse to delay. Wish me luck. Let the adventure begin!

Donna Elizabeth Joy 

I'm disabled and house bound much of the time. I originally discovered Timberkits when I was looking for a present to make for my sister who had just re - discovered the piano. That was my first foray into heaven! Every time I order a new kit, the excitement begins and by the time it arrives, I want every day to last forever.
Thank you Timberkits for giving me a reason to look forward to my days. Please keep designing these fantastic models. My friends and family can't believe that I actually manage to build these superb creations.

Whenever I've had a problem with construction, or made a booboo, I have always been given help and advice straight away. The team couldn't be friendlier or more helpful. I could waffle on for pages, but please, please buy a kit and find out for yourselves.

I wish I could persuade everyone everywhere to check out and buy your incredible products.
Timberkits, you rock!

- Kate Hunt

At 61 and having been bought up, on a diet of Airfix plastic kits, Meccano, Jigsaws, Electric Trains etc, my latest conquest has been your 'Drummer' - a Christmas gift from my daughter! What a delight - and what an amazing finished article! I found the kit most engaging and derived immense pleasure constructing it - It's difficult not to want to operate it everytime you see it. The presentation of the various parts and the instructions were first class - congratulations!

Thank you again.

I put the order in and left you a note in the comment section.

Thanks again for all the help and information.

You and your company are a pleasure to work with and put out a great

product.  I will happily recommend you in the future.


I would like to let you know that I received the replacement parts today for my drummer kit.
They are perfect! The hole is in a much better position now, and all works as it should.
Thank you so much for your fantastic response and customer service.
I look forward to doing many more of your kits.

Harley Davidson-Jones