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Christmas gifts

So proud to have "Made in the UK" on these products and apart from the glue pen, all completely plastic free. These will make great stocking fillers and such fun to decorate. This...
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Home grown production

We have just started experimenting with a bit of in house production again after more than 20 years of importing. Our efforts so far will be a bit of a drop in the ocean in terms of our...
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Woodwind Player

We are currently awaiting our first consignment of the next new model which is a woodwind player. This one has re-positionable arms so can play a clarinet or a flute. It also has a lady's...
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The Traction Engine

It is finally here! After months of fielding "Is it there yet?" queries, we can finally say the Traction Engine is on our shelves and ready to dispatch. It has been a bit of a...
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Moving office

Here at Timberkit HQ we have moved our office from one end of the building to the other. In the process of doing this we have sorted through a vast archive of models, prototypes and samples...
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Plastic-free packaging

We are really thrilled that the new Tudor Tournament is our first completely plastic-free packaged product, followed by the Guitarist, the Dragon and our Battery Driven Motor Base. These...
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New collaboration

In collaboration with the Royal Armouries, this Timberkit model has been designed to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the greatest tournament of the Tudor age, The Field of...
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Clap for the NHS and careworkers

Applauding our key workers Timberkits style. We love doing these little commemorative projects.
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Derek Woodward's Railway Station

Derek started by building a Timberkits Stephenson's Rocket then he built a tender for it then he built a carriage and then it got really out of hand and now it takes up most of his living...
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