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30 years old!

Unbelievably Timberkits is 30 years old this year. What a long history of invention, creation and general craftiness! You would think we might run out of ideas but we never seem to.....
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Knee Knock Doc

This long awaited new model is finally with us. Know any doctors? This one calmly taps the patient's knee who rather overreacts and flings himself back, limbs, head and glasses going...
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Scratchy Dog

We are currently preparing this new little kit for production here at our workshop in Wales. Scratchy Dog does...well, he does what it says on the box! There is a beautiful little geared...
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By popular demand, we are now including an additional magic wheel in the Magician Kit so you can feature your favourite card combo. We are also working on the idea of adding a wand so watch...
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Student collaboration

Every year I do a project with a bunch of engineering students from Strathclyde Uni. It is part of a huge professional practice module across all the disciplines of DMEM (Department of...
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New workshop in the UK

Following on from our successful experiment last year to manufacture some Christmas products in-house, we will be upscaling production this year in a new workshop in lovely Llandeilo near...
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Christmas gifts

So proud to have "Made in the UK" on these products and apart from the glue pen, all completely plastic free. These will make great stocking fillers and such fun to decorate. This...
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Home grown production

We have just started experimenting with a bit of in house production again after more than 20 years of importing. Our efforts so far will be a bit of a drop in the ocean in terms of our...
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Woodwind Player

We are currently awaiting our first consignment of the next new model which is a woodwind player. This one has re-positionable arms so can play a clarinet or a flute. It also has a lady's...
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