Mechanical model kits made of natural wood

How to Make Pinwheel Gears, One-Way Cranks and Worm Gears, by Marc Horovitz

Pinwheel gears are commonly used in automata. This book describes two methods of making them, step by step. Worms and worm gears for slow-speed action are described in detail, including a two-way worm. One-way cranks to prevent damage to automata are also covered. A description of how gears are used in a gravity-powered automaton finishes out the book. 

27 pages. This book is available only in downloadable PDF format.


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Words from our customers...

I find your business quite intriguing – not just the remarkably designed models but how you appear to do all of this with a very small team. Your personal resumes on the web site tell me all I need to know about you and show the spirit that must run through your group. Despite my impatient and ham-fisted slow progress (I know, I chose one of the hardest to begin) the whole idea of the company is one that appeals to me greatly, as someone who has spent a career in technology start-ups and operations, it’s so nice to see something that is so kind of traditional, yet innovative, too. Mankind has used wood to make objects since the stone age but you have taken it to a new level, though with some roots in the last couple of hundred years, is how I’d assess it. 

I am very impressed with the company, the products and the service, in many ways!

With kind regards


Hi Luise, 

We cannot fault this company - the kits are reasonably priced, well packaged and fun to build! Instructions are clear and easy to follow (by our 14yr old son) plus there are videos available online to assist with the trickier bits! Customer service also goes above and beyond - when we discovered an incorrect part in our box, communication was very efficient and a replacement was sent out to us immediately -in France!! We would thoroughly recommend Timberkits avd their products!

Best wishes,