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Don't forget there are some fantastic YouTube videos of Timberkits, some that we have done to show construction and others that customers have done. Some are animated, motorised and set to...
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The car that Mark built

This is Mark who helps with product development here at Timberkits. This is the car Mark built. It is the most crazy vrooming bone shaking g-force inducing pile of fun I have ever...
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Life in the workshop

Life in the workshop So Dad and I sit there and tinker away. Dad will say "You need to do it like this" (scribbles on back of sandpaper) and I say, "That's as maybe but...
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Naming competition

This very enthusiastic Xylophone Player (by Gary Clapperton) is going into production next year but he needs a snappier name. Xylophone Player is a bit of a mouthful, can anyone come up...
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Big announcement! Timberkits meets Aardman

Timberkits are really excited about the development of a new range of Shaun the Sheep models in collaboration with Aardman. This is a great opportunity to combine our mechanical ingenuity...
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New friends

Here is the second clue to the identity of our new friends. Who is it? We can't wait to introduce you to the new range coming out before Christmas which has come about as a result of a...
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London Cityscape

This moving postcard of iconic London scenery is now in stock, a perfect souvenir for our capital city.
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Salty Sailor has arrived

Our intrepid sea-going adventurer is finally on our shores, all tanned and storm tossed, dreaming of his next foray into the ocean. 
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Blast from the past

Timberkits started its life with much more intricate hand crafted products made by Eric Williamson and his wife Alison. They were beautifully detailed and always traditional in theme. This...
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