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Happy New Year

Let's kick start 2017 with Dermot Casey's fabulous Salty Sailor built over Christmas - I love his far away look, gazing at the distant horizon wandering what adventures lay ahead. We hope...
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Shaun and friends are here!

Finally, they have arrived. What a long journey they have had but what a warm and joyous welcome. Shaun and his friends will be winging their way around the world now to find their places...
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Christmas craziness

It is the 1st of December so let it begin! Yes, I know, Advent began a few days ago but that was in November so it got me all confused. Anyway to kick it off I present you with this double...
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Graduation Drummer

Some people have a ridiculous amount of fun with our models, especially Drummer. This was done as a graduation present for Floyd Wilson's son. We really love the mortar board and 6 pack...
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Designing Timberkits is quite messy. It involves a combination of prints, scribbles,cut outs and wood experiments. We to and fro between workshop and drawing board with some bits worked out...
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Tool board stories

I love our tool board. It carries the stories of many artists/crafts people over generations. The older tools are so well worn and comfortable after decades of handling and tell us in their...
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Party Dragon

Whirligig, who sell lots of creative toys and activity products, have just started an 'I made this!' competition. Here is their first Timberkit entry, isn't it great? That's a bit of a...
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Don't forget there are some fantastic YouTube videos of Timberkits, some that we have done to show construction and others that customers have done. Some are animated, motorised and set to...
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The car that Mark built

This is Mark who helps with product development here at Timberkits. This is the car Mark built. It is the most crazy vrooming bone shaking g-force inducing pile of fun I have ever...
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