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Halloween Hunt

 Back in the day, Eric Williamson, Timberkits Founder, used to make unique designs for private commissions all over the world. See for the fascinating...
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Family fun

We ran a workshop for families building Timberkits to demonstrate how it works with a mix of generations. The whole day was great fun, lots of chat and snacks and cups of tea and everyone...
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Decorating your Timberkits

Our customers have a fantastic time decorating Timberkits and we love to share their results. Please see our gallery and check out the Facebook and Twitter pages for inspiration.  We...
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Giant Timberscenes

I am just about to embark on building a batch of giant Timberscenes; London Cityscape, Medieval Mayhem and Ocean Motion. It's nice to work on a larger scale for a change and these look...
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The Beautiful Band

Our customers' creations never cease to amaze us. Just look at these exquisitely made musicians by Carole Coqueral. It is clear that she really loves the natural wood, they look fantastic.
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Customising your Timberkit

We have been working on a series of “Customising your Timberkit” videos over the coming months starting with Harold the Drummer from Cartoon Violence. If anyone out there wants...
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Student project

Timberkits entered into a collaboration with students from the Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management at Strathclyde University. Their brief was to study the...
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Shaun the Sheep week

This week is dedicated to the lovely Shaun the Sheep and his Mossy Bottom Farm friends. Our social media pages will be full of videoes, blogs, reviews and competitions so please join in. To...
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Xylophone Player

A timber tune from this toe tapping talent! Full stock now available. Thanks to Gary Clapperton (2016 Timberkit Design Competition Winner) for this design. He really is fantastic.
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