Timberkits 'Design an Automaton' Competition - Results!

Competition Results! - 1.3.17

We  were delighted with all the submissions for our Design Competition, thanks to everyone who took the time and for all your ideas.


  • Mechanical Bull by Gary Clapperton
  • Paddleboarder by John Haward 


  • Ukelele Man, Rain and Shine, Fergus the Footballer by Dave Twydell  

The Timberkits Design Competition was established to encourage hobbyists to have a go at designing an automaton. This year we have been overwhelmed by entries (see above) and will be hard pressed to choose a winner. There are some very keen and prolific Timberkitters out there and we love your ideas.

The End Game

This competition has been a great success and has gathered some fantastic new Timberkit designs over the years but will sadly come to a close now and make way for a more regular programme of smaller competitions run mainly through social media channels. We have more new design ideas waiting for a chance to be put into production than we will ever be able to cope with and have become a bit overwhelmed with it all so need to take a break!

We would still love to see your inventions and share them with our audience, there is such a lively interest in automata at the moment and so much skill, we must no allow it to stay hidden.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful ideas and for taking the time to share the wonder of building automata.

We will put photos of all submitted creations in our Gallery on Timberkits website.

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