Mechanical model kits made of natural wood

Strathclyde University engineering students


Timberkits has embarked on an exciting new design collaboration with some engineering students from Strathclyde University. They will be exploring the idea of moving feet in dance and sport and how to express that as a mechanical model. As a creative warm up they came down to our workshop in Wales and did an intensive 11our challenge - they had to build a One Cam Band off a simple crank handle, shaft and cam mounted in a frame. They weren't allowed to do any formal planning or CAD, it all had to be hands on with materials. It was great fun and although the final result had a few extra cams, it was a percussion extravaganza that Heath Robinson would have been very proud of and did in fact make an almighty racket. The students were magnificent and got into the swing of it without hesitation. The object of the exercise was to demonstrate how a bit of messy experimentation is a necessary part to discovery and that formal calculations and structuring must follow rather than be a starting point. That's how we do it at Timberkits anyway or is that just me justifying being messy maybe.....?

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