Mechanical model kits made of natural wood

New Year news


I love the way people say "Things will calm down for you after Christmas, won't they?" As if!! We are now into preparation for our annual trade fair, dusting off the displays and making sure we have enough functioning biros. We are also preparing our next Shaun the Sheep kits for production seen here connected together but they will be sold as singles. More ideas in the pipeline....

I will be off to China in a few weeks to see our manufacturers and sample some more delicious Chinese food. This is always fascinating. We have a 15 year old relationship with one factory so they are lovely old friends and the other more recently acquired factory are growing in confidence and teaching us new approaches.

This year we will be bringing out more Timberscenes like the London Cityscape. There will be a Castle Scene and a Sea Life scene and then we will be working on a Dinosaur theme. Keep an eye on our social media for more regular detail and requests for feedback on emerging ideas.

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