Mechanical model kits made of natural wood

Life in the workshop


Life in the workshop

So Dad and I sit there and tinker away. Dad will say "You need to do it like this" (scribbles on back of sandpaper) and I say, "That's as maybe but I'm going to do it this way". Sometimes he's right and sometimes I'm right. It's much more fun when I'm right.

We drink a lot of tea but there is often sawdust in it, which we have got used to. Sometimes we sing and do silly voices and imitate machine noises, other people who have worked in workshops would probably understand this but innocent bystanders would be quite concerned.

The really annoying thing is when we have worked on a small intricate, fiddly bit and then drop it and it goes in the shavings under the bench. We scrabble around and swear a lot and then find it later all chewed up in one of the dogs' beds.

Sometimes we have 'Eureka!" moments when we make something work in a really clever way and then we do a funny dance round the workshop and generally crow and get very excited. The other staff just look at us blankly and wish we weren't so noisy. We don't care because we are 'The Creatives' and that excuses us!

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