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Competion winners

Here is Gary Clapperton's very dramatic Mechanical Bull. This is a bold and ambitious model. I wonder whether he has had first hand experience of this activity...... Gary is the design...
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Competition winners

We have 2 competition winners this year, John Haward and Gary Clapperton. We couldn't decide between them. David Twydell was the runner up with a total of three submissions which were all...
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Strathclyde University engineering students

Timberkits has embarked on an exciting new design collaboration with some engineering students from Strathclyde University. They will be exploring the idea of moving feet in dance and sport...
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New Year news

I love the way people say "Things will calm down for you after Christmas, won't they?" As if!! We are now into preparation for our annual trade fair, dusting off the displays and...
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Happy New Year

Let's kick start 2017 with Dermot Casey's fabulous Salty Sailor built over Christmas - I love his far away look, gazing at the distant horizon wandering what adventures lay ahead. We hope...
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Shaun and friends are here!

Finally, they have arrived. What a long journey they have had but what a warm and joyous welcome. Shaun and his friends will be winging their way around the world now to find their places...
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Christmas craziness

It is the 1st of December so let it begin! Yes, I know, Advent began a few days ago but that was in November so it got me all confused. Anyway to kick it off I present you with this double...
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Graduation Drummer

Some people have a ridiculous amount of fun with our models, especially Drummer. This was done as a graduation present for Floyd Wilson's son. We really love the mortar board and 6 pack...
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Designing Timberkits is quite messy. It involves a combination of prints, scribbles,cut outs and wood experiments. We to and fro between workshop and drawing board with some bits worked out...
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