Teacher and Learner Reviews

Please share your ideas and experiences for using Timberkits and Timbertech Group Kits so that other teachers’ may gain confidence and be inspired to have a go themselves. We welcome feedback so that we may continue to develop our products to better serve the educational market all over the world.

 "Timbertech Kits have been a fantastic educational addition to our company. We offer these craft kits as both workshop activities in our museum and as take-away classroom kits to primary-aged pupils. The fact that they combine creativity, hands-on learning and engineering fits perfectly with our automata museum and helps teachers to tick off their curriculum requirements. We've had incredible feedback from kids, parents and teachers and I'm excited to see what Timberkits come up with next"

Katie Wilson, Education Officer at the MAD (Mechanical Art and Design) Museum, Stratford upon Avon.